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Chef Tim Lawhorn prepares chicken tenders at ABC Action News in Tampa FL All-Natural, Low-Sodium, Gluten-Free, MSG-Free & Kosher Too!

Great Meals Begin With Lawhorn’s!

With all this flavor, you'd NEVER know that Lawhorn's is a healthier "low sodium" or "lower in sodium" alternative for your every day meals! Spice Up Your Life Today with Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings! Ask for Lawhorn's by name in your local grocery today, it will change your life in the Kitchen or on the grill, FOREVER!

No Experience Required!

No matter what your level of expertise in the kitchen or on the grill, Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings are the only spices you'll ever need. These 4 revolutionary blends are the most versatile seasonings around and they all naturally enhance the flavor of everything you put it on. Every type of Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning easily transforms chicken, fish, pork, beef and even vegetables into delicious dishes. It's good for you, too. All Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning blends are gluten free, low in sodium and contains no MSG. All you need to do is sprinkle it on and enjoy!

For truly game changing, revolutionary flavors that will "WOW" your tastebuds and AMAZE your friends, try one of Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings incredible new seasoning blends today!

The Lawhorn's Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way the people cook by providing a single, seasoning blend that allows even the most inexperienced cooks to prepare gourmet meals.

Whether you're an accomplished culinary veteran in the kitchen, or you can't boil water... Lawhorns Signature Seasonings will make you a better cook!

Our Revolutionary blend will transform your kitchen into a gourmet bistro, and your BBQ grill a temple of greatness! Try some of my personal recipes from our site and see how easy it is to cook fabulous meals without any effort at all! Just sprinkle our special blend on and cook... Its just that simple!!

Lawhorn's is the Versatile Seasoning That Makes EVERYTHING Taste Better!