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Chef Tim Lawhorn’s Bio

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CEO, Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings

Chef Tim Lawhorn founded Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings in 2008 as a family-owned and operated business. His four signature seasonings – Original Blend, Hickory Smoked, Tex-Mex and Italian – were developed over the course of 40 years of culinary expertise and experimentation.

Lawhorn began his culinary career at the tender age of 10 years-old working with his grandmother, Bunny, at the family drugstore in Haines City, Fla. She taught him early on, “Donʼt ever be afraid to season your food well. Cook it like you would like to eat it and people will come back for more.” He continued to work with his grandma throughout high school, before later attending college in Louisiana. During that time, Lawhorn secured a cooking position at a popular Cajun and Creole restaurant. The Gulf Coast flair left a lasting impression on Lawhornʼs cooking style, especially the wide range of methods and seasonings used in Cajun cuisine.

During a trip to Denver, Lawhorn was enlightened to the young, professional population fostering a cultural renaissance there. At age 20, he enrolled in the American Culinary Federation (ACF) apprenticeship program, while working full-time between the five-star, Brown Palace Hotel and The Denver Club, a private five-star athletic club. Lawhorn graduated the three-year program working as a sous chef, and went on to work for a four-star hotel, as well as an executive chef for a small chain of restaurants. He also remained active in the ACF winning 14 medals in ACF-sanctioned culinary competitions.

Lawhorn moved back to Florida in 1987 upon accepting the position of executive chef and assistant food and beverage director of the former Inverrary Hilton Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. When tasked with the assignment to reduce the propertyʼs food costs while also improving the guest experience, Lawhorn began experimenting with various combinations of herbs and spices until he found one that worked well across a variety of recipes. Here is where Lawhornʼs Signature Seasoning was born. After the hotel closed for renovations, Lawhorn returned to Haines City to start his family. In 2002, he purchased the original building of his familiesʼ drugstore. But, little did he know, Lawhornʼs Corner Café would become the foundation for officially launching his seasoning.

At first, Lawhorn only sold bottles of his seasoning to restaurant patrons, that is, until a grocery industry executive urged him to bring his original, all-purpose blend to market after enjoying a Lawhornʼs seasoned steak. The success of his Original Blend encouraged Lawhorn to introduce the three additional seasonings in 2006. In 2008, he closed Lawhornʼs Corner Café.

In addition to running a growing company, Lawhorn actively supports Haines City High Schoolʼs athletic programs. He is also a member of Still Water Christian Life Center.