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It is time for your stores to get in on the Small Town Seasoning Blend that's quickly growing into a National Flavor!

We offer a comprehensive introductory plan to encourage your store or chain of stores to start profiting immediately with the All-In-One Seasoning that is changing the way America cooks! Once your customers try our seasoning they WILL be repeat buyers. That is why we are quite liberal with our marketing plans and co-op deals. We want make it easy for you to decide it's time to give Lawhorn's a try in your locations.

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We have experienced exponential growth driven by consumer demand. Once your team tries our product, you will know it is a winner. In less than 4 years our growth has garnered placements in over 4500 new stores.

If you would like Lawhorn's in your stores, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Try Lawnhorn's or Your Favorite Type of Meat

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Lawhorn's appeals to all age groups and lifestyles. From busy moms, young professionals and grilling enthusiasts to accomplished chefs and food professionals - our special seasoning blend is winning over fans Nationwide.

Our features are just what consumers are looking for today - a quick and easy way to make meals tasty and flavorful. Our products are 100% All-Natural and Kosher for shelf appeal that sells today. Did we mention that Lawhorn's has 65% less Sodium than comparable seasoning salts?

This amazingly versatile combination of spices actually changes its flavor profile on everything you cook with it. That means the taste seems different on steak, veggies, chicken, turkey and on and on.


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Commercial Sales of Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning

We are currently under review with several of the Nations larger grocery chains and hope soon to be a household name in American homes. Large or small, your stores are important to us and we will do what it takes to create a great relationship that will benefit everyone.

Our website features recipes and we engage our customers via Social Media like Twitter and Facebook to drive brand awareness and increase "word of mouth" buzz around this unique product. We are pro-active in building relationships with Food & Lifestyle editors and writers as well as hundreds of mom and food bloggers.

Recently we were a corporate sponsor of the Nationally syndicated sportsman TV show "Spiritual Outdoor Adventures", hosted by Jimmy Sites. The show featured multiple cooking segments with our CEO, Tim Lawhorn and was seen by millions of viewers across the country.


New placement discounts, scan downs, BoGo's and special co-op offers can all be a part of your program. Please fill our commercial contact form or call soon.

Finding a distributor in your area is as easy as filling out the company inquiry form and someone will contact you.  If there is not a distributor in your area, we will ship directly to your business via UPS or Parcel Post.