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Lawhorn’s Media FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

Developed by Founder and CEO, Chef Tim Lawhorn, he spent four decades perfecting his versatile, Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings blends in hotels and the restaurant industry (including his own, Lawhornʼs Corner Café) for use in family kitchens and on grills across the United States. Each blend is made with all-natural ingredients, is lower in sodium compared to other seasoning salts and blends, and is gluten-free and kosher. The Original Blend, Hickory Smoked, Tex-Mex and Italian seasonings are devoted to enhancing the flavor of food from beef, poultry and seafood to vegetables, French fries and popcorn.


What is the story behind the development of Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings were developed by Chef Tim Lawhorn during his award-winning career as an executive chef and restaurateur.

Lawhorn began his culinary career at the age of 10 working with his grandmother, Bunny, at their familyʼs Haines City, Fla. drugstore. She taught him early on, “Donʼt ever be afraid to season your food well. Cook it like you would like to eat it and people will come back for more.” Lawhorn carried this advice with him through his studies in college and exposure to Cajun cuisine, and later in Denver during his apprenticeship with the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

He put these skills to work at such hotels as the legendary Brown Palace Hotel in Denver and the former Innverary Hilton Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as well as at his family’s own café in Haines City. It is these 40 years of culinary expertise and experimentation that today brings American families – Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings.


Where is Lawhornʼs located?

The headquarters for Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings is located in Haines City, Fla. The bottling and shipping operations are based in Orlando, Fla.


Why should someone choose Lawhornʼs over another seasoning blend?

Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings are versatile blends made with all-natural ingredients that enhance foodʼs natural flavors, embrace healthy lifestyles and save consumers money by replacing the many spices traditionally used in the kitchen. One bottle seasons everything.


What ingredients go into a bottle of Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

Each seasoning boasts the ideal combination of pepper, garlic, onion, kosher salt and paprika, as well as special ingredients specific to the blend itself. They all offer all-natural ingredients that are gluten-free and lower in salt compared to most seasoning salts.


How much does it cost?

Each 3.75-4.75 ounce bottle, retails for approximately $4.68-$4.99, and replaces many spices traditionally used in the kitchen, such as salt and pepper, granulated onion and powdered garlic.


Where can someone buy Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

The blends are distributed across the U.S. at BI-LO, Fred Meyer, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Walmart Supercenters and Winn-Dixie locations – totaling 4,700 stores. Visit the store locator to find the nearest retailer. Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings are also available online.


Can an individual on a restricted diet use Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

Naturally, they should speak with a doctor, but Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings can help them create health-conscious meals that are still full of flavor.

Additionally, there are no chemical preservatives, artificial stabilizers, food colorings and MSG in any of the blends. The Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings Original Blend contains 65%-70% less sodium per serving compared to most seasoning salts. Furthermore, the Tex-Mex and Italian blends are FDA certified low sodium seasonings.


Is Lawhornʼs Signature Seasoning approved for kosher cooking?

Yes, each blend meets the guidelines for earning the “K” identification on the label of every bottle.


Where should Lawhornʼs Seasoning be stored?

Lawhornʼs Signature Seasoning should be kept in a cool, dark and dry place around 75 degrees for optimum flavor.


What is the shelf life of Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings?

A bottle of Lawhornʼs Signature Seasonings has a shelf life of up to two years


What makes Lawhornʼs a green product?

Every one of our Signature Seasoning bottles is 100% recyclable.