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Simply Sautéed Chicken Breasts

Simply Sautéed Chicken BreastsServings: 6

Note – This chicken recipe is great served “dry” but, if you have a favorite sauce or topping you would like to use, feel free to do so. Some of my favorite chicken sauces are: Alfredo, Piccata, Garlic Cream, Chive-Butter, Pico de Gallo, Golden Mushroom, Hunter, Spicy Corn Salsa, etc. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination and post your favorite recipes in our Forum Section!!


6-boneless, skinless chicken breasts
(sizes vary, choose the right size breasts for your family’s appetite)

3oz- clarified butter 1-cup

seasoned flour (1C flour/2 Tbs Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning, mix well)


Pound breasts out to 1/2 in thickness. (For easy clean-up, place the breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap, then pound.)

Liberally season both sides of chicken. In a large non-stick saute’ pan on med-high heat, heat up butter until hot, generally until it starts to bubble and pop a little. dredge the breasts in the seasoned flour mix and shake off the extra flour. Place the breasts in hot butter. Lay them so the end falls AWAY from you in the pan to avoid hot butter splattering back on you! Cook chicken for approximately 2 minutes on each side or until a nice golden color on both sides. Check for doneness by either cutting into the center of, or bending the breast in half with tongs until you can see the meat in to center separate. Do not over-cook to prevent chicken from drying out. If breasts are not fully cooked due to thickness, place in a hot oven, (475 degrees) for 2 minutes and re-check. Your gourmet chicken breasts should be very juicy and tender! Enjoy with a fresh veggie and Wild Rice for a great tasting quick meal! Enjoy…

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