Tried Everything to Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables

Watch the video and you'll see that when cooked with Lawhorn's, kids can love veggies! See for yourself, real customer reactions, as veggie haters young and old try Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning on zucchini, broccoli, squash; you name it, and LOVE it!

Still sitting around the dining room table for hours prodding your children to finish their vegetables? Do they cringe at the sight of broccoli and throw it across the room before it gets near their mouth? With three kids of his own, Tim Lawhorn knows what you are going through, but in fact hasn't had to deal with this daunting task for years now. Over 23 years ago, Tim Lawhorn was working as Executive Chef and Assistant Food & Beverage Director for a national hotel chain in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Here Tim began experimenting with a few different seasoning formulas while trying to cut the hotels' spice costs. One evening Lawhorn came across an interesting combination of herbs and spices that when mixed together tasted phenomenal on a steak that he cooked. He continued to experiment and alter his new seasoning formula until he was sure that this blend was working well on all fronts. Soon after getting his amazing new seasoning blend just right, Tim started using it on just about everything he cooked… including vegetables!

In the late 80's Tim, along with his wife Heidi, moved back to their hometown in Haines City, Florida to settle down and start a family. When his kids were old enough to say no, Lawhorn quickly realized that vegetable eating was not going to be a daily struggle with their kids! Over the years, Tim shared his magic veggie "dust" with his friends and family often hearing stories from amazed parents that watched their kids gobble up their veggies like starving dogs! It wasn't until 2007 that he realized he could share it with families all over the country. After this discovery, Tim immediately set to work bringing his revolutionary seasoning blend to market.

Today, Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings is an emerging seasoning business with current national distribution in Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets, and regional placements in Publix, Winn-Dixie, Sweet Bay, Whole Foods Market and Chamberlin's Natural Food Stores across the Southeastern United States. Lawhorn's remarkable, all-natural, certified kosher blend contains 65% less sodium than ordinary "seasoned salts." But most importantly, it actually changes flavors and tastes different on everything you cook with it.

Now, this singular bottle of seasoning can cook an entire meal with astounding results! The time saved in the kitchen, and the smiles it produces at the table, has working families across the country that don't have much time to get dinner on the table singing its praises. Lawhorn's is changing the way America cooks, one kitchen at a time!

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One response to “Tried Everything to Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables

  1. Mariann Motola says:

    We love this stuff! One of my daughters would never think of putting a piece of squash in her mouth until we discovered Lawhorns. My husband loves it on chicken and of course steak (when we can afford it!). Great video watching that teenager reminds me of my girls reaction.

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