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Stroll Through the History of Lawhorn’s

Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning’s home office is located in Haines City, Florida, also known as “The Heart of Florida” for its geographic location in the center of the state. Our manufacturing facility is located in Orlando, Florida.   We are a family-owned and operated business whose roots in the area go back five generations.

Our Mission: To revolutionize the way the average person cooks by providing a single, economical seasoning blend that allows even the most in-experienced cooks to prepare gourmet meals every day of the week!

HIstory of Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning

The Story Starts With Grandma “Bunny”.


1971– Working alongside his grandmother, Bunny, a young Tim Lawnhorn was told “Don’t be afraid to season your food well, cook it how you would like to eat it and people will come back for more.”


Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning


1980– While attending college in Louisiana, Tim works at a local Cajun & Creole restaurant in Lafayette. The experience triggers a real culinary epiphany, being exposed to the incredible variety of cooking styles, fresh ingredients, spices, and lots and lots of seasonings.


Tim Lawhorn Working as Chef in Denver


1984– Working as a chef in a restaurant in Denver, Tim begins experimenting with a few different seasoning formulas. Over time, he comes across an interesting blend of herbs and spices that taste phenomenal on just about anything.


The blending of herbs and spices creates the perfect seasoning salt


1989- Getting his special seasoning just right, Tim is amazed to discover his versatile blend actually changes flavor characteristics and enhances the natural flavor of everything he cooks.


Tim Lawhorn's Corner Cafe Restaurant in Haines City FL


2002– Tim and his family open their own restaurant in the original Haines City building that housed his family’s drugstore. Lawhorn’s Corner Cafe features Tim’s “Signature Seasoning” throughout the menu.



2006– One night a customer, an executive chef with Hormel Meat Company, tells time he just had the best steak of his life. Tim tells him it was his “Signature Seasoning” and the executive encourages Tim to bring the seasoning to market.


Fast-forward to today, as Lawhorn’s four Signature Seasonings are changing the way America cooks. Found in the spice aisle of leading grocery stores across the United States, the all-natural seasonings give food a flavor boost, embrace healthy lifestyles and are economical to use – replacing many of the spices traditionally used in the kitchen. Each blend is lower in sodium compared to other seasoning salts, gluten-free, kosher and has no MSG, turning every dish into something special. The seasonings turn first-time tasters into true believers.