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We would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact Tim Lawhorn, CEO directly if you have a great recipe of your own to share, or have any comments or questions you would like to share with us.  We will always listen and respond to your comments!

So, from my family to yours, “Go Gourmet Today!” with Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings and enjoy!!

Here are just a small sampling of the emails that we receive from our fans!


I was a little skeptical about how good someone said it was until I roasted a pork loin with it. WOW, my family loved it! The flavor was spectacular!
Sue-Coco Beach, FL

My husband has never been this excited about cooking anything before!  His steaks are awesome, and he is proud to serve them to the neighbors for the first time ever! Thank you Lawhorn’s!
Linda-Boca Grande, Fl

This stuff is the BOMB on broiled Haddock!  We sautéed some squash and onions with it too.  It seems like totally different spices out of the same bottle. My family is very happy with it.
Barbara-Kissimmee, FL

I will put my ribs up against anyone’s with Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning!  I can’t wait to smoke some brisket with it.
Keith – Columbia, SC

The veggie recipe on the website was great!  I have cooked several different things with it so far. My kids love the grilled chicken the best!
Don – Denver, CO

As a former chef myself, I found Lawhorn’s to be everything it is claimed to be and more.  It really does taste different on everything I cook with it without overpowering the food.  It is more like an enhancer on steroids!
Frank – Littleton, CO

Our kids love Dad’s hamburgers now, and his baked chicken is delicious too!  We are addicted! Thank you.
Debbie – Kansas City, MO

I am so pleased with the ease of use and great flavors created with Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning on virtually everything we have tried it on so far.  My husband and I are believers!
Christine – Orlando, FL

Got it – very good. Tried it on steak and hamburger.  I was skeptical and thought it just another of the million seasonings, but it really is awesome. I will try it further.  Seems like it has something different than other rubs.  Can not identify it. Thanks a bunch for it.
H Garrett