Servings: 1 burger per person @ 1/4 lb each yields 8


  • 2 lb Fresh Ground Chuck (should be at least 80-20 lean for the best flavor, the leaner the meat, the less flavor in the burger)
  • 2 Tbsp Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings


1. Mix the seasoning into the chuck by hand in a mixing bowl.

2. Patty out your burgers to the size you desire, about 1/4 lb. Season both sides of the burgers so you can see the pepper flakes and pat into the meat.

3. Apply 1-Liberal sprinkling of Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings on each side.

4. Cook on a hot flaming grill to your desired temperature for burgers. Your neighbors will be calling!

Variations: Throw some hickory chips on the open flame for a smokey, backwoods flavor. You can also pan-fry your burgers for that old-fashioned diner flavor you grew up with! Bacon and cheese is a great addition too!. Burger toppings can be as unique as the person cooking them… try your favorite topping(s) on your gourmet burger today and taste perfection!!

“Great recipe for the family; Try it tonight!”