Servings: 2-3 People


  • 1-3lb fryer chicken split in half (You can use a larger roasting bird, but they tend to be tougher. Fryers are easier to work with and take less time to cook)
  • 1-Liberal sprinkling – Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings


1. Preheat oven to 350°. Evenly coat split birds on both sides with Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings.
2. Place birds in a roasting pan and put pan on center rack in the oven.
3. Cook for approximately. 1 hour, or until done. Skin should be a golden brown and slightly crispy.
4. Enjoy your awesome gourmet baked chicken!!

Variations: Cook birds on top of a mireproix (carrot, celery & onion mixed together) with a little water, then deglaze the pan after cooking and make a great chicken gravy with the drippings and a can of good chicken stock!