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What are “influential” Mom Bloggers and Chefs saying?

Whiskey Lullaby Lawhorn's Review

Katherine Bartlett - Our Whiskey Lullaby

Twitter @KBWhiskey
Katherine is all about family. She still finds time to put a lot of work into her great blog. She says "I'm up to the wee hours finding products my readers will love!"

Now that I can eat spices again, there is nothing better!
"In the past I've had a lot of food allergies. I had to eat everything plain, not even salt and pepper could be added. Now I found a great spice that can be added to almost all of my food.
Lawhorn's can be added to any meat, vegetable, or almost anything you can think. It really did give the vegetables a great pop! We tried it out on chicken and again we were amazed! The best thing I like about it is it has less sodium than regular spices. Overall, we love Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings!"


Lawhorn's Testimonial

Anne Coleman - Cooking With Anne

Twitter @CookingWithAnne
Anne Coleman is a wonderful writer and has been writing her "food and family" blog since 2005. Anne has also worked blogging and in new recipe development for Disney's Family.com

She Tried it on Everything! -

The Kids Liked it on Bagels

"Skeptical as I am, I tried it for myself on everything I could think of. Pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, veggies (zucchini with Lawhorn's is to-die-for). Yep, Tim Lawhorn is right, it really does have a different effect on each food. My personal favorite is Lawhorn's on pork, but the hands-down winner here (beyond the kids' cheese bagels) is mixed into ground chuck for just about the best burgers you'll ever eat."


Plain Chicken Blog ReviewStephanie Parker - Plain Chicken

Twitter @PlainChicken
Stephanie is a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher with plenty of Great Recipes on her Blog - Plain Chicken.

She invented a new one for us!

Lawhorn's Chicken Fingers

"I was really interested in giving Lawhorn's a try because I am not a big fan of seasoning salt. It is usually really salty and doesn't have a lot of flavor. Well, Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning is the complete opposite of what I am used to. In a word, it's FANTASTIC! It has tons of flavor and it is a lot less salty that other seasoning salts that I have used. It is perfectly blended. You can taste all the seasonings - garlic, pepper, paprika and onion."


Lawhorn's Seasoning ReviewsLinsey Knerl

Twitter @lknerl

See what Linsey Knerl, a well-known Mom Blogger had to say about our Seasoning.

"I was presented the chance to try Lawhorn's Seasoning, and I was curious if it could replace my favorite..."

Lawhorn's Review / Jan. 5 '10

I am always out for the next best thing when it comes to making my life easier. Lille Punkin' Reviews wants to give you our views on just those products. A free resource for parents and friends of parents, Lille Punkin' will offer regular, unbiased opinions of a variety of items! All of the products that we review have been tested personally by my family and other designated "testers." We do not accept payment for our reviews.


Review of Lawhorn's Signature SeasoningsTonya Peele

Twitter @TonyaPeele
Tonya is the author of Quick Wins for Healthy Eating: Easy Changes You and Your Family Can Make Now!

"I LOVE the seasonings."

In May 2009, Tonya was invited to appear on the Rachael Ray Show, alongside President Bill Clinton, for her to promote nutritious food and daily physical fitness in her son’s school. After the show, Tonya and the former President taped a special video message to encourage Moms across the nation to help fight childhood obesity by promoting wellness programs in schools.

Tonya is the founder of "See Mom Eat", a healthy eating lifestyle program created to help moms be role models for healthy eating.


Better Recipes Loves Lawhorn'sKristina Vanni

Twitter @BetterRecipes
Kristina is a highly respected chef and well-known personality who recently tried Lawhorn's.

We have her first reaction!

"Hi Tim! Love the seasoning :)"
- just a tweet, but we have our fingers crossed for a blog post!
Kristina’s recipes can be found in cookbooks, food magazines and online. She has been featured in “Mixing Bowl” magazine and will contribute to the upcoming cookbook “Budget Meals” from Better Homes and Gardens. She is also a contributing writer for the National Restaurant Association’s website.


Budget Savvy Diva reviews Lawhorn's Signature SeasoningTwitter @budgetsavvydiva
Southern California
#1 Frugal Blogger

"I actually used a few days ago - I loved it"

"Chicken is great and all BUT having the same flavor profiles over and over again can get – well – kinda boring that is why I was super excited about Lawhorn’s Seasoning – which is not only perfect on chicken – but pretty much everything else ( perhaps not ice cream but you get my point)."

Read Sara's Post Here


Blogger Reviews of our Signature SeasoningStephanie Manley

Twitter @CopyKatRecipes

"I have tried the seasoning. I love it.
I used to be a fan of Xxxxxx's Seasoning, but this is so much better! I can hardly wait to make hamburgers with this seasoning! "

Stephanies tag-line reads "You have tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home."
She loves to cook, and has been posting copy-cat style recipes online since 1995.
I started cooking when I was young, very young. I started cooking when I was about 4 or 5. Growing up in rural area, going out to eat meant a several hour commitment for anything other than a local restaurant. As a result, learning to copy recipes was done so we could recreate restaurant tasting food at home.


Chef Dad loves Lawhorn's Signature SeasoningsChef Dad Omaha

Twitter @ChefDadOmaha
Chef Dad Omaha is a big fan & friend of Lawhorn's.

"You don’t have to be a Master Chef to cook like one! Try a bottle of Lawhorn’s at your table tonight."
Lawhorn's Lacaja Chicken Quarters - "The chicken was hot and juicy with a nice golden skin, and the seasoning gave it a wonderful robust flavor."

Lawhorn's Bubba Slider - "Lawhorns has a great flavor and goes great with about anything, so I thought I would jazz up my sliders with a little Lawhorn's ..."


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