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Why Cook With a Seasoned Salt

The Benefits of Cooking with a Seasoned SaltThe media has portrayed Salt as a detriment to your health. Salt in excess amounts can be linked to artery and heart complications, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. However, what is not highlighted in the news is the benefits salt in moderation can provide. Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, a writer in the food service industry, discusses the benefits of salt in her article on about.com.

“Salt is a natural preservative which inhibits the growth of molds and bacteria. It literally pulls the life-sustaining moisture from those harmful bodies, making them unable to grow or reproduce. When used as a condiment or ingredient, it brightens food flavors and facilitates a balance between sweetness and acidity by decreasing the sourness of acid and increasing the sweetness of sugar.”

Peggy also discusses how Salt can reduce the fat content in meats, by absorbing it while sealing in moisture and flavor. Salt can also decrease cooking time by up to one-half. The key is using the right amount of Salt. Visit the link below to read Peggy’s article and some recommended amounts of Salt for different types of food.


With Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning, it is easy to get the benefits of Salt including amazing flavor. And because Lawhorn’s has a significantly lower salt content that most other seasoned salts, you can also stay within the limits of a healthy salt intake to prevent health risks.